Complete Cleaning Services for Homes & Businesses

Maid For You is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and provides cleaning services for homes and businesses throughout the surrounding areas. Contact us today to request a free estimate for a cleaning service.

Cleaning Products - Cleaning Services

Services we provide include:
Use of Top Quality, Biodegradable-Cleaning Products (Safe for Use around Children & Pets)

• Separate Mop Heads Used for Bathrooms & Kitchens
• Cleaning for Residential & Commercial Suites
• One-Time Cleaning Service
• Steam Cleaning for Carpets
• Fresh Mop Heads Used for Each House
• Personal Housekeeping Service


Our staff thoroughly sanitizes your bathrooms, including cleaning toilets inside and out and sweeping and hand mopping floors. Other areas we clean include:

• Countertops • Cabinet Doors • Light Fixtures • Showers • Sinks • Mirrors • Tubs


It is important to keep your kitchen clean at all times. To maintain a clean kitchen, we clean countertops, wipe down all small appliances, clean microwaves inside and out, scour sinks, wipe down the front, top, and sides of stoves and refrigerators, and vacuum and mop the kitchen floors.

Throughout Your Home

Maid For You dusts and cleans all furniture surfaces, including pictures, ceiling fans, mirrors, and sliding glass doors. In addition, we dust windowsills, blinds, and baseboards, and remove cobwebs. Fingerprints are wiped off of doors and light switches and we empty the trash, vacuum all carpeting and hardwood floors, and change the linens and make the beds.

Cleaning Schedules

Available cleaning schedules include:

• Moving In or Out • One Time • Weekly • Biweekly • Monthly

Quality Control Cards

To ensure excellent service, on every appointment, we leave a card for you to fill out to let us know how satisfied you are with our services or any comments you may have. In addition, profile sheets are on file for each customer, noting any special requests.

Contact us to schedule a cleaning service for your home.

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